Ultimate Toothpaste Guide by Dental Warner: How to choose?

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Ultimate Toothpaste Guide: How to choose?

by | May 23, 2017 | Oral Health Tips, Dental Article, Dental Clinic Warner, Preventive Dentistry

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We know that daily brushing lays the foundation for healthy teeth (along with flossing and regular dental visits, of course). But shopping for toothpaste can be overwhelming.

Entire aisles are devoted to the many iterations of this seemingly-simple tooth-cleaning tool in grocery stores, drug stores, and just about every other kind of store.

With all of these potential choices, it’s easy to get confused.

So which type of toothpaste is right for you and your family? At Warner Lakes Dental we offer you the following guide to toothpaste options!

What Fluoride Does

Fluoride helps your tooth enamel in two ways: When a person’s teeth are still beginning to emerge, this ingredient develops the enamel so that it becomes as hard as it needs to be to resist cavities and decay.

After the teeth have appeared in the mouth, fluoride in toothpaste, mouthwash and even tap water helps the enamel remain strong so that it can resist the acid produced by oral bacteria when you eat sugary foods. Fluoride also has a remineralising effect on the teeth, by which it helps rebuild worn-down or weakened enamel before it disappears.

So, our first recommendation at Warner Lakes Dental is normally that our patients use a toothpaste with fluoride!

Whitening Toothpaste

For patients who want a brighter smile, seeking a toothpaste that contains whitening properties may be a start. In fact, peroxide is an essential ingredient in whitening toothpaste that is the effective at removing stains from the outer layer of the enamel.

There are significant benefits that peroxide provides to teeth in addition to its teeth whitening effects. Some of the effects include the prevention of gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Considering that teeth whitening is a $1.4 billion dollar industry, businesses understand that toothpastes with whitening properties are very popular. Although these teeth whitening pastes can be effective, they can cause tooth sensitivity. If you have extreme teeth sensitivity, bring this concern to us.

In general, if our patients want truly whiter teeth, we advise that whitening toothpastes can only affect external stains, can be abrasive, and are less effective than the in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments available in our offices.

Benefits of Tartar Control Toothpaste

Plaque is one of the chief contributors to gum disease; it builds up along the teeth and gum line and ultimately inflames and irritates the gums. If plaque is not removed by thorough brushing and flossing, it eventually hardens into tartar and increases a person’s risk of developing gum disease and even tooth decay.

Gum disease affects people of all ages and good oral hygiene should be practiced by all members of your family, especially children.

Tartar control toothpastes are designed to remove as much plaque as possible and to stop the formation of new tartar deposits after a dental cleaning at Warner Lakes Dental.

Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

If you experience sensitivity when eating or drinking hot or cold foods, toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth may be your best option. These toothpastes are generally less abrasive than other formulas, and they usually contain either strontium chloride or potassium nitrate.

These chemical compounds aid in the reduction of sensitivity by blocking the passageways that travel through the teeth to the nerves.

As with any other dental issue, if you feel your teeth are sensitive, you should also talk to your Warner dentist about it!

Children and Toothpaste

Picking a toothpaste is an important factor, when it comes to getting children to brush and take care of their teeth. Toothpaste companies market packaging, flavors and features to encourage parents and children in making their selection. As a result, assessing the many brands of toothpaste claiming to be the “best” can be extremely difficult.

Although, all brands are not the same, many carry the same ingredients to remove stains, eliminate plaque and strengthen tooth enamel. The key differences between brands is the consistency of the paste, taste and the level of fluoride content.

The most important thing to consider when choosing your child’s toothpaste is the child’s age. Prior to age two, use fluoride-free baby toothpaste and a soft brush to clean the teeth twice daily. Between the ages of two and four, select a brand containing fluoride.

Dental fluorosis is not a risk for kids over eight years of age, but if you have any concerns about the proper toothpaste for you children, come and discuss it with us at Warner Lakes Dental.

Dental Care at Warner Lakes Dental

At Warner Lakes Dental your oral health is important to us from the toothpaste you use to the smile you show the world. We provide gentle, quality care for conditions ranging from tooth replacement to simple cleaning and polishing.

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