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Affordable Composite Veneers & Bonding

At Warner Lakes Dental, we offer both composite veneers and teeth bonding (composite resin veneers) services. teeth bonding is a procedure in which a tooth-colored resin material is applied to the surface of the teeth, reshaping and correcting their appearance. Composite veneers, on the other hand, are thin shells of ceramic material that are bonded to the front of the teeth.

Veneers are more durable and stain-resistant than teeth bonding, and can ultimately provide a more natural-looking result. However, they are also more expensive, and the procedure is not reversible. During your initial consultation, our skilled cosmetics dentist will help you decide which treatment is right for you, based on your needs and budget.

Benefits of composite veneers

For many people, a smile is one of the first things they notice about someone else. A bright, white smile can convey confidence and warmth, while a yellow or discoloured smile can give the impression of being unhealthy or unkempt.

Fortunately, there are a number of options available for improving the appearance of teeth, including veneers. Veneers are thin shells that are attached to the front surface of teeth in order to change their colour or shape.

There are two main types of veneers: resin veneers and composite resin veneers. Resin veneers are made from a type of plastic, while composite resin veneers are made from a mixture of plastic and ceramic materials. Both types of veneers have their own unique benefits.

Although resin veneers have been around for many years, composite resin veneers are a newer development. Composite resin veneers are made from a mixture of plastic and resin, and they offer a number of advantages over traditional resin veneers.

First, they are much more durable and less likely to chip or crack. Second, they can be color-matched to your natural teeth, making them virtually indistinguishable from your real teeth.

Third, they are much less expensive than traditional resin veneers. Finally, composite resin veneers can be applied in a single office visit, while traditional resin veneers require two or more visits. If you are considering getting veneers, talk to your dentist about the benefits of composite resin veneers.

Who is eligible for composite veneers?

In order to be eligible for composite veneers, patients must have healthy teeth and gums. The treatment is not suitable for patients with active tooth decay or gum disease.

Composite veneers are also not recommended for patients who grind their teeth or have a history of clenching or grinding. Patients who wish to receive composite veneers must be willing to maintain good oral hygiene habits and visit their dentist for regular checkups.

What is composite bonding?

Dental composite bonding is a popular and effective treatment for repairing chipped, cracked, or stained teeth. The bonding material is made of a composite resin, which is a mixture of plastic and fine glass particles. The resin is available in a variety of colours, so it can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth.

Composite bonding is usually done in one visit to the dentist. First, the tooth is roughened and cleaned. Then, the bonding material is applied to the tooth and hardened with a special light.

Once the bonding material has hardened, it is sculpted into the desired shape and polished. Composite bonding can give you a beautiful new smile in just one appointment. And because the resin bonds directly to your natural tooth, it is strong and durable. With proper care, your bonded teeth can last for many years.

Ask about our before and after composite veneers images

If you’re considering composite veneers, it’s helpful to see before and after images to get an idea of what the results can be.

Here at our office, we’re happy to show you composite veneers before and after photos so you can make an informed decision about whether this treatment is right for you. Composite veneers are made from a composite material that bonds directly to your teeth.

They can be used to correct a wide range of aesthetic concerns, including gaps between teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, discolouration, and more.

In just one visit, our skilled team can transform your smile with composite veneers. To see composite veneers before and after photos, please call our office and we’ll be happy to schedule a consultation.

Warner Lakes Dental offers affordable composite veneer and bonding services

If you’re looking for composite veneers that are both affordable and high quality, Warner Lakes Dental is the perfect place for you.

We offer composite veneers made from the highest quality materials, and our prices are unbeatable. Whether you need composite veneers for cosmetic or functional purposes, we can help you find the perfect solution that fits your budget.

Composite veneers are a popular choice for many patients because they provide a natural-looking result that can last for years with proper care. If you’re interested in composite veneers, Contact Warner Lakes Dental today to learn more about our services and pricing options.

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