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Lost Tooth Restorations Warner

Tooth Fillings | Dentist Warner

Dental restorations such as tooth fillings, crowns and inlay/onlay are recognised as being long lasting because of the materials used. Unfortunately, they can sometimes fall out or dislodge.

Tooth fillings may come loose due to the decay that has developed beneath. This decay can cause some changes in the tooth’s shape and structure causing the filling to come free.

Aside from decay, restorations like dental crowns and inlay/onlay may also come loose because of cracks in the tooth or from consuming too many chewy and sticky foods.

First Aid for Lost Filling, Crown or Inlay/Onlay

Drip some clove oil onto a cotton swab and apply it to the sensitive area. Clove oil can relieve pain and you can buy it at most chemists.

If you’re unable to recover the lost crown, you can slip it back over the tooth. But before that, try following these steps first:

  • Clean the inside of the crown
  • Use a tooth cement to coat the inside
  • If you can’t find any tooth cement, try some denture adhesive or petroleum jelly
  • Don’t use household glues! They are not suitable and may even damage your restoration.

For any lost filling, crown and inlay/onlay, apply dental cement directly onto the tooth surface. The cement can protect and seal the area until you reach the dental clinic.

What Your Emergency Dentist at Warner Lakes Dental Can Do

If the entire tooth filling requires to be changed, your Warner dentist may look at alternative filling types. You can discuss the aesthetics you would like with the dentist. This way you can pick the material that you think best suits.

For a dental crown or inlay/onlay that has come off, the dentist will permanently bond the damaged restoration back into its original place. Before doing this, the area will be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the possibility of any infection.

Lost Tooth Restorations in Warner

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and in need of professional help, call us as soon as possible for an appointment. Our responsive team will quickly attend to your needs and help you feel at ease while providing relief from a toothache or injury.


Every effort will be made to see you the same day. When it comes to a dental emergency, Warner Lakes Dental is your best choice.

Lost Tooth Restorations in Warner

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