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Knocked-Out Tooth Warner

Knocked Out Tooth | Dentist WarnerIf you or your child’s tooth has been knocked-out, it’s important to remain calm and act quickly. With rapid and proper emergency action, the tooth can be replanted successfully and can even last for many years.

A knocked-out tooth is a serious dental emergency, so after doing a bit of first aid, head to the nearest dental clinic or emergency room as soon as you possibly can.

Causes of a Knocked-out Tooth

  • Accidents:
    – from falls
    – during sport
    – with cars, motorbikes, bicycles,
    – at work
  • Violence

First Aid Tips for a Knocked-out Tooth

  • Locate the tooth immediately and hold it by the crown. Do not touch the roots.
  • Rinse the tooth with water if it’s dirty. Don’t use soap or chemicals. Avoid scrubbing it and never let it dry by wrapping the tooth in a tissue or cloth.
  • If possible, try to reposition the tooth back into the socket quickly. Reinsert the tooth by pushing it into the socket with your fingers. Do this carefully and close your mouth slowly.
  • If you can’t reinsert the tooth, pop it into some milk or saliva (preferably the patient’s)
  • Wrap it in plastic and keep the tooth moist.
  • See a dentist right away for immediate treatment.

What your Emergency Dentist in Warner Will Do

Putting the tooth back in place can be an easy or complicated procedure. It depends on the situation.

The dentist will flush any debris from the socket with water. Then, they will try to put the tooth back into place. Re-implanting the tooth is something that must be performed as soon as possible after the accident.

Your dentist at Warner Lakes Dental will take the best course of action, depending on how much time has passed since the tooth was knocked out.

In some cases, the dentist may need to splint the tooth on either side with a soft wire or composite material to hold it in place for several days. The dentist will decide just how long the splint must remain.

If the area has more damage, you may require 6-8 weeks of healing time. If there appear to be no signs of infection after all that time, the condition of the tooth and the success of the replant can be monitored over subsequent visits.

For unsuccessful reimplantation, our tooth replacement options such as dental implants and bridges are available. Your Warner dentist will help you choose the best fit for you.

Knocked-Out Tooth in Warner

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and in need of professional help, call us as soon as possible for an appointment. Our responsive team will quickly attend to your needs to help you feel at ease while providing relief from a toothache or injury.


Every effort will be made to see you as soon as possible. When it comes to a dental emergency, Warner Lakes Dental is your best choice.

Knocked-Out Tooth in Warner

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