Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions | Dentist Warner

Unfortunately, a tooth can become damaged, injured or diseased. If this happens, your dentist may need to remove the tooth. If you require tooth extractions, one of our highly experienced dentists will make the extraction procedure as a painless as possible.

At Warner Lakes Dental, we will also help you explore all the options for replacing lost teeth. This can include dentures, dental implants, as well as crowns and bridges.

Reasons for Tooth Removal

  • Severely cracked or damaged teeth
  • Severe decay, cavities and/or infection
  • Crowded mouth and orthodontic necessities
  • Risk of infection due to other health concerns
  • Impacted wisdom tooth
  • Financial considerations when extraction is cheaper

The Procedure

  • Thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth
  • Application of local anaesthetic to numb the tooth
  • The dentist uses a pair of forceps to extract the tooth
  • After the extraction of the tooth, a piece of gauze will be placed on the extraction site to allow blood clotting.
  • Your dentist will provide home care instructions before you leave the office

After The Procedure

After the procedure, we will tell you how to care for your mouth in order to facilitate the safest and fastest recovery possible. The instructions must be followed closely and diligently.

In the event of unexpected problems, we are ready to re-examine your teeth. We will take any necessary measures because your health and safety are always our topmost priority.

Tooth Extraction in Warner

At Warner Lakes Dental, we only employ dedicated and knowledgeable dental professionals to deliver outstanding results. For tooth removal in Warner or surrounding areas, call us today to arrange a consultation. We are all about the wellness of your smile and dental health.

The Wand

New Latest State of the Art Technology for Pain Less Injection and Anaesthesia

  • Very comfortable
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Quick onset and easy to use
  • Straight back to work without the numb feeling of face/lips

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