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Oral Hygiene Warner

Warner Lakes Dental Oral Hygiene | Dentist Warner Your home is the perfect place to learn the basics of oral hygiene. It is important for parents and children to work together with their dental routines to avoid the development of any oral and dental problems.

Caring for your teeth and gums doesn’t require a huge amount of money. That’s the best thing about prevention.

It helps you prevent diseases in the most inexpensive way. All you need is to learn the basics, as well as the do’s and don’ts, of keeping your mouth healthy at home.

Good Oral Hygiene for Children and Adults

To achieve optimal oral hygiene, here are simple tips you can use at home:

Use dental floss daily

Approximately 50% of adults are at risk of gum disease. Flossing is one of the best ways to prevent this detrimental oral health problem. Once a day, spend three minutes flossing your teeth. Use 18” of floss and leave an inch to work with. Gently floss between your teeth and use a new section of floss for every tooth. Flossing regularly improves the strength and health of your gums.

Brush teeth for two minutes

It’s a rule of thumb to brush your teeth twice a day. But it’s also important that you know how long you should brush your pearly whites while you’re at the sink. Make sure to brush for two minutes to thoroughly clean your teeth, gums, and tongue. Tip: If you’re unsure how long two minutes is, hum or sing the happy birthday song inside your head.

Brush gently to avoid irritating your teeth and gums. Don’t brush too hard as it can damage your gums and wear down the enamel of your teeth. In addition, use a soft-bristled brush for extra safety.

Change your toothbrush

Even a toothbrush, your trustiest weapon against dental diseases, can be a home to millions of harmful bacteria. Change your toothbrush every three to four months. If you’re using an electronic toothbrush, change its head before the bristles become worn or splayed. Using old toothbrushes can affect your oral hygiene as they are ineffective and may cause gum disease due to bacteria.

Wait for 30 minutes before brushing your teeth

If you consume acidic foods and beverages such as coffee, soft drinks, wine, or citrus fruits, wait for about 30 minutes before you brush your teeth. This is because teeth are susceptible to damage after eating highly acidic foods.

Keep a healthy diet and have regular dental visits

Though keeping a healthy diet is not part of oral hygiene and visiting your dentist is not a routine you do at home, these two are integral parts of your oral health care.

Foods high in sugar can cause tooth decay. Maintain a balanced diet that involves nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, and other dairy products.

Make an appointment to see your Warner dentist every six months. Your dentist will examine and monitor your oral health, as well as discover any problems you might have developed.

Oral Hygiene in Warner

Your dentists at Warner Lakes Dental are your partners when it comes to the wellbeing of your mouth and body. Practising good oral hygiene properly and regularly can lead to a healthier mind and body. This simple yet powerful routine helps you prevent life-threatening conditions such as periodontal disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Our skilled and friendly dentists are here to help improve your oral hygiene. We are your trusted dental partners in wellness and prevention.

Oral Hygiene in Warner

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